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The aim of this study was to survey the study habits patterns of the students of nursing school Damaturu in Yobe State. The sample of the study consisted of one hundred (100) students, randomly selected from the school which forty six (46) were girls and fifty four boys (54), fifty four were from level three (3) and fifty six were from level two (2) which together make the total hundred students sampled. The study was done with the help of examination techniques inventory the questionnaire was responded to by the students. The data collected was analyzed by adding from p- scores and finding the percentage of each score. The total from p-score and the percentage of each score was used to relate the study habit pattern according to gender, age and level of the students. The findings revealed that there were difference in the student study habit pattern according to gender, and level, and there was no significant difference in the study habit patterns at the students according to age.



1.1 Background of the study

In the field of education and psychology has been discovered all over the world to be a highly complex problem. Several researchers have tried to explain it differently and description of each is practically true over the years, researches on the factors influence the academic performance of students have attracted the interest of not only research but concern of teachers, counselor, psycho, legists, and school administrators as well. Study method is the knowledge and application of effective study skills or techniques by students. The term study either habit pattern refers to the way in which students. Study either systematically, efficiently or in efficiently in with what has been said above we can deduce good study habit will definitely trend positive academic performance and achievement and also in efficient or poor habit towards any subject has been descabed as a function of passing coupled with their belipt on that particular which has a Lang way go on their academic performance.

In Nigeria many factors have been highlighted to influence the ability of students to cultivate effective and efficient study habit such factor include state of health motivation anxiety and state of mind conductive and suitable environment for studying availability of textbook  and well equipped libraries . In research carried out by (nuthana and yenagi 2009) the courses of poor academic performance among Nigeria students were thoroughly examined. In which some of these factors identified include low students intellectual ability, achievement motivations lack of goals, low self esteem, law socio – economic status of the family poverty and poor study habit as a major factors.

A survey was carried out in some selected schools in Nigeria to identify some major courses of low academic performance in students some of the problems of inadequate facilities and teachers some of the problems caused by poor parental background unfavorable government policies and low educational sectors funding (Ajit and olutola 2007) Likewise Ichado (1998) also dispute environment from which the students Carnes from play a major role in influencing study habit pattern which invariably affect, academic performance the concept of study habit pattern is a broad as it combines nearly all other sub – topics under it such as study attitude, method and study skill. In a research conducted by all part (1960) it was argued that attitude toward study by drafting a good study pattern earn greatly contributed to study and are time conscious over what they have to do.

A research was carried out by morahan (1999), he faunal out that male and female have different way of studying (study habit). In this study he discovered that the male students took up courses that have more logic and science while female students were attracted to simpler courses and such it is in line with their passion which requires different study habit and might have a positive effect on academic performance of students. Positive academic performance ability to schedule his time, the plat of this study the habit of concentration, note taking mental review over learning the juchcious application of whole and part method massed distributed learning and so on in other words positive academic performance is a function of  proper study habit and skill.

The problems under study is to investigate the student habit of study in nursing school at Damaturu of Yobe state which was established in march 1992 with the population of twenty three (23) students.

Attitude of student towards study in any institution of learning is worth investigating so as to give suggestion where necessary. Nursing Education for the well mankind needs some people with sound training in science and technology, therefore each development of interest and study will wisely bring up these men and women.

In recent the result at the end of the term examination revealed that rates of failure and poor grades particularly among nurse one, two and three students of the school of nursing school Damaturu. This could be a number of factors for their examinations some students read their notes immediately after lectures. So that they do not forget what the lectures are all about after few day. While in other courses reverse is the case because some individuals will notes only a day to the examination or a day to the test. They behave in what is called crash program neither do they have study time table while some do not even attend lectures no coping notes or go to library for research. Some of the factors why students fail and while other sauced could be seen in different perspectives, according to leannthee (1972) who said that some students fail due to socio – economic background. This is to say some students have privilege to attend good schools or opportunities to modern gadgets which could make them accommodate and assimilate knowledge easily. Another aspect is socio – cultural deprivation and inadequate educational opportunities.

1.2 Statement of the Problems.

This study will determine the factors contributing to the students Study habit in nursing school Damaturu.

  • Primary consideration in much poor performance of students in classes through by adequate teachers 23% of the students failure some time they failed not because they are not intellectually by genetically make up but they are not afraid broad and confused.
  • Some students succeed because they have every facility some are from wealthy homes. This is to say that they attend good school watching television early exposed to educational programmers on computers sets, reading of news papers having private teachers to teach them at their homes etc with this facility makes the students not be ignorant of all that the teachers con say it also help the students to have ideals of difficult areas they need to pay attention.

1.3 Objectives of the Study

The following are the objectives of this study

  • To fine out the study habit pattern of students in the school of nursing Damaturu
  • To determine the pattern of study habit exhibited students in nursing school Damaturu according to gender.
  • To find out the pattern and habit that is associated with their attitude to learning.
  • To established relationship between study habit pattern among the students and academic performance.



1.4 Research Question

This researcher is interested in looking at the study habit pattern of the students. The researcher is also expected to be able to address the following question.

  • What are the study habits of the school of nursing students In Damaturu?
  • Are there differences in students study habit according to gender?
  • Are there differences in students study according to age?
  • Is there relationship between study habits pattern and academic performance among the students?

1.5 Scope and Limitation

The study was conducted in nursing school Damaturu of yobe state student in nurse ii and iii involved in the study only.

1.6 Significance of theStudy

Students study habit of nursing school Damaturu is vital, it is believed that students gain admission in to institution are to have attained and completed the course they are admitted in to and pass out with good results and have well grounded body of knowledge to enable them maintain their various  field of specialization. Therefore, a study like this is significant because it attracted the not only the attention of the researcher but the government, nongovernmental organization to earmark the situation

1.7 Operational definition of terms.

Study habits are the behaviors used when preparing for

  • Test or learning academic material. A person who waited until the very last night before on exam and then stays up all night try to cram the information into his head is an example of someone with bad study habits. These are learning strategies that one embarked up on by students in the tasks of learning
  • Pattern: A form or model proposed for imitation, something designed or used as a model for making things. This is process usually assume to come about

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