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This study was intended to identify the effect of instructional materials on teaching and learning in nursery and primary schools. This study was guided by the following objectives; to find out if a better performance can be achieved in using instructional materials toward pupils in Mater-Die Nursery School and Primary School. The study findings revealed that the need for experienced and qualified teachers will enhanced pupils’ interest in teaching and learning. Poor performance in academic is lack of qualified teachers to use instructional materials effectively. Without the teacher as an implementing factor, the goals of education can never be achieved. The significance of this study will bring into light the importance of instructional materials toward teaching pupils in primary and nursery school.



Background of the Study

     The primary school is foundation of the child’s formal educational development. The quality of teaching at this stage will not only influence the child’s rate of learning, but will to a very large extent determine the quality and direction of his academic achievements and career later in life. This underscores the need to make teaching and learning very interesting, stimulating and meaningful to the child. One of the ways of achieving this is through the proper utilization or assessment of instructional materials.

    Agugbem E.O. (2008) view instructional materials as the equipment, devices, objects, and formation materials which the teacher uses to facilitate learning process. In other words, they are the specific things used by the teacher in the classroom to make the pupils learn easily and quickly.

Source: Learning process is an expensive article on the part of the pupils but what make it attractive and acceptable is the nature of instructional materials through which the topic is presented by the teacher.

Instructional materials are important to the teaching learning process, but often teachers do neglect them during their lesson when instructional materials are used effectively, they help to simplify what is being taught, motivate the learners and make teaching and learning meaningful, functional and purposeful is to enable the pupils see what they are to learn clearly and also afford them the opportunity of making use of instructional materials. Learning tend to be more effective when individuals activity participate in learning experience in selecting what he/she is to learn and receive feedback or result soon after response is made having made use of specified instructional materials.

Source: Meaningful learning is said to be possible through the active involvement of a learner in the learning situation. It is what the learner sees or does that he/she is likely to learn meaningfully. In a class where instructional materials are used, the learner is an active participant in the learning process.

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